About Us

Cashfunda.com MISSION

I am starting this blog to provide most reliable and researched news, information and expert commentary on crypto market, crypto exchange, crypto projects, crypto currency and its underlying blockchain technology and the industry that has been built up around it.

Since 2012,I am researching here and there about crypto currency, although I am not not lucky or you can say stupid enough not to trust in these systems and its future predictions. But now……

cashfunda.com strives to present accurate, timely and relevant material to the crypto communities. I am very much passionate about crypto world and keen to share news about the people, companies and technological developments that are changing our world. Whether my readers are new to the space or blockchain-savvy developers, investors or entrepreneurs, my aim to inform and enlighten them with quality stories and highs and the lows of the crypto industry.

WHO OWNS cashfunda.com?

cashfunda.com is owned by me (Tapas Kumar Adhikari)

WHO FOUNDED cashfunda.com?

Founders Tapas Kumar Adhikari, an IT professional with 6 years of experience with lots of learning attitude and so much positive attitudes towards new trends new future in digital world.

How I produce all these articles ?

I always assure my readers that all the articles publish in cashfunda.com is with lots of research and with lots of periodic data analysis. I will always give you facts before serving any articles.

DISCLAIMER for my readers ?

My guarantee is to provide all the information correct and crystal clear with facts ,but it is your(all the readers) responsibility to do proper research and analysis with lots of datasheet before take any action. because it may leads the readers to take financial action . That’s why my disclaimer here is I will be not responsible for any financial loss or any damage.

any concern please email to admin@cashfunda.com . I will try my best and I will be more then happy to get you a proper solution or answer


Yes, I am open to accept any third-party incentives to cover stories.

But for any third-party stories the article author will be Solly responsible for its contents.


Yes, cashfunda.com  offers opportunities to advertise on our site through banner advertisements, email newsletter sponsorships and sponsored promotional content. Advertising and paid content is always clearly labeled and designated.

To request advertising and sponsorship availability or rates, please email us at tapasadhikari30@gmail.com